Dragon is a category of magical creatures that inhabit the world where the story takes place. There are several subcategories of dragon, ranging from water to sky and with a high variety of shapes and sizes.

All dragons have the ability to speak but the desire to do so varies.


The average dragon will go decades without seeing another dragon as they are quite rare and like being by themselves in their own territories. The urge to procreate is usually minimal as dragons value their individual time over retaining their bloodlines which only adds to their rarity.


There are three categories of dragons; water, gound, and air. While there are many shared characteristics between the different categories there are enough differences to be visibly noticeable.


These dragons have smoother and smaller scales and sport webbed fingers or flippers for ease in their underwater habitats. They are the only kind of dragon that may lack all matter of limbs. Some have lungs that allow them to stay under water for very long periods of times while others have gills, while other still have both lungs and gills.

The smaller the dragon's source of water is the friendlier it is, with river dragons being the friendliest. This also goes for magic proficiency, as river dragons are the most prone to innate magical properties.

All water dragons lack wings but the ones with the magic knowledge may fly anyway.


Most but not all ground dragons have wings and tougher than average scales to suit their lifestyles.

Notable Dragons

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