Farrell v2
Farrell is a royal knight of the Kingdom of Haeveny who protects the royal family and their city. He is commanded by the royal wizard. He’s quite the prominent figure and is liked by most of the citizens he watches over, being known for his heroic deeds and kindness, as well as the mystery of his identity.


He is not known by his name to the people of Anwildale, instead they only know him as the Royal Knight, a title to be thought of as hereditary, the same as his armor. The title is understood by most to be passed onto the next mysterious knight as the current one ages enough to be unfit for battle. The identity of the knight is never revealed as he is always shown in full regalia. This has made people playfully try to solve the mystery and makes Farrell quite a popular topic amongst younger people attracted to the romantization of loyalty that he represents


Since his creation the Royal Knight has always been the same being. When the first Royal Wizard was appointed the first thing they did was build a suit of armor able to withstand the fire of a dragon and then used forbidden magic to bring it to life. Farrell was created for one purpose; to be able to slay dragons while serving and protecting the Royal Family.

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