—Oliver's way of greeting.
King Oliver was the king of Haeveny and husband of Queen Aubrianna.


Originally came from The Kingdom of Gerwyn. The two kingdoms have had minor feuds and tensions between them because of politics, land and trades for decades. An agreement was finally made where the two kingdoms decided to join forces and had a royal marriage to celebrate it.

Oliver was a prince of Gerwyn but not the heir -- his older brother was the heir, and so as a symbol of Heaveny and Gerwyn’s alliance they sent Oliver to marry Aubrianna in Haeveny and join their royal family. Gerwyn also sent an ambassador for the two kingdoms and Princess Olivia of Haeveny is still to this day an important person for both kingdoms as she represents their peace.

Oliver was killed by a dragon on Korind’s command. She instructed the dragon to attack the city, draw them out to a forest and eat king Oliver. Seven knights, king Oliver, Farrell and Korind pursued the dragon into a clearing. The dragon injured the knights to force them to stay behind while Oliver, Farrell and Korind continued chasing after the dragon. Having the opportunity, the dragon made its move on Oliver -- but Farrell had a chance to intercept -- however Korind ordered Farrell to stay behind which caused Oliver to be eaten by the dragon.

Oliver had complete control over Aubrianna -- he could influence her decisions completely, being a very clever man he understood her illness and how it affected her. By doing so Aubrianna would make decisions that would benefit Gerwyn in subtle ways over the years, while also doing the opposite for Heaveny. He severely mentally abused Aubrianna to achieve this.

Korind noticed both motives and decided (because of the risks of telling anyone) to take matter in her own hands and so she had Oliver killed.


He has a brother and a daughter.

Skills and abilities

He's human -.-





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